T1 vs GEN – Game 1 | Grand Finals Playoffs S10 LCK Spring 2020 | T1 vs Gen.G G1

lck final GEN vs T1 G1 Finals PlayOffs lck Spring 2020 – Gen.G vs T1 Game 1 Finals Playoffs LoL eSports LCK Korea Spring 2020.
LoL eSports Season 10 LCK Spring 2020 – T1 vs Gen.G Game 1.
First match of the day – Gen.G vs T1 best of 5 game 1. T1 vs GEN G1.

T1 Line-up:
Canna – Top Sylas
Cuzz – Jungle Graves
Faker – Mid Corki
Teddy – AD Varus
Effort – Support thresh

Gen.G Line-up:
Rascal – top Ornn
Clid – jungle Rek’Sai
BDD – miD Azir
Ruler – ADC Aphelios
life – Support Yuumi

Patch: 10.6 – Season 10
Game date: 25.04.2020 | 04/25/2020 | April 25th 2020
Game place: Online
Casters: Valdes and LS

S10 LCK Spring 2020 All Games Playlist:
S10 LCK Spring 2020 – Playoffs Playlist:

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  2. such a beautiful game by T1, there was nothing GEN could do

  3. 8 of 10 have eyeglasses 🤔

  4. faker such a little bitch! always mollycoddled, never wanting to expand horizons!

  5. 17:42 – someone nearly dropping the drinks but saves last second.

  6. Clid wintraded hard this game

  7. Aprendendo com quem sabe. 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  8. one of them really is called clit

  9. Who else thought the cardboard audience was real

  10. Feels like Faker try 10x harder against his old teammates.

  11. Faker has the sexiest lips not gonna lie

  12. LOL korea still so fucking out of touch, they got smashed at worlds 2 years in a row and they are still refusing to change and still hardstuck playing dumb 2 year old meta shit like azir/corki mid just scaling…………… zzzZzzzZzz stay irrelevant dogshit region

  13. ez games af

  14. Geng cant play league of legends

  15. I laughed pretty hard at "Yumi is an essential worker right now" #coronavirushumor

  16. My god, Teddy just can't miss.

  17. 36:21 Teddy vs Gen.G

  18. 7:12 clear out the blasting wand. I laughed and choked with water hearing this. 😂😂

  19. 45:39 Can alotios do it? Fuck the LCK casters are shit.

  20. I honestly can’t differentiate atlas and valdez. As long as it’s LS casting a T1 game I’ll watch.

  21. Clid is the backbone of Gen. Take him down and you can assure victory

  22. is it possible to start the VOD at the beginning of draft? I'm super interested in seeing how pick and bans roll out in real time, the commentary around it, and in what order the champs are locked in.

  23. LS annoys the hell out of me. My opinion.

  24. Does the extra heal/shield on shurelyas revelrie apply to guardian?


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