Removing an Application using Autodesk's Dedicated Uninstall Tool

After installing a large application like Civil 3D you may have noticed several other programs were added to your system as well. This would include things like material libraries, object enablers, add-ins, and supporting applications. While this isn’t a problem, it can present a challenge if you need to uninstall Civil 3D and all of its components. Fortunately, Autodesk provides a dedicated uninstall tool making it easy to remove an application and its “dependencies” using only a couple clicks of the mouse. In this session we’ll explore the Autodesk Uninstall Tool by leveraging it to remove Civil 3D 2017 from a machine.


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  1. Thanks for the tip! very helpful!

  2. Thanks for the info. Thanks to your clear pronunciation and the perfect style of speech also non-native English speakers can understand the instructions very well.

  3. Jeff sir i am big fan of your video tutorial and your teaching technique are awesome. But sir today i have problems to compose my own subassembly, i have watch your play list "Subassembly Composer "Quick Start" Training" but i can't make it circle on there so please help me. How can we add circle on our assembly. My required module are posted on autodesk forum website so please watch that post and help me if you can. Also try to make video for that.
    Thank you in advanced.

  4. How long has that been in there?


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