Baby Monet Swims @ 5 Days Old – Her first BORN-TO-SWIM EXPERIENCE

Baby’s can begin experiencing swim lessons in the super clean and perfectly heated Watersafe Swim School pool as soon as their umbilical cord his healed. Baby Monet (granddaughter of Watersafe’s founder, Ginny Ferguson, and daughter of the school’s Training Director, Karen Nance) finally gets to enjoy her first ‘Swim Experience’ at just Five Days Old! Submersions are optional, but it’s never too early to get an early start on swimming, especially when we offer FREE Swim Experience Lessons for infants up to Four Months Old. BTW: This pool water is heated to between 90 and 93. The air temp is especially warm. The pool sanitation system is state of the art. The water is balanced and clean. Karen (Monet’s mom) started her first swim at 10 days. Robbie (Monet’s brother, seen in this video), started at 5 days and could fully swim and recover for air by himself by the time he was 10 months old.
Watch his progress from birth until now:


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