How to set up Chinese keyboard on Android

This short ‘how to’ video presentation explains how to install and set up simplified Chinese language keyboard on an android phone such as Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, LG, Motorola etc..

The clear instructions in this video will make it easy to install, set up and begin typing Mandarin Chinese on your smartphone within minutes. This Chinese keyboard on your android phone will enables you to input Chinese using pinyin and display the language as Mandarin Chinese Characters.

If you’re using another device, please watch our other videos.

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  1. is there a way how to put it back to english

  2. Too fast and not clear at all, sorry

  3. 不是啊

  4. 中土火

  5. Dosent work

  6. I was able to go to settings and add simplified Chinese but now I can't figure out how to switch back and forth between the two…

  7. How to add Chinese handwriting keyboard (writing my own Chinese words) which is not in the list of preinstalled languages?

  8. 谢谢!

  9. 贺龙

  10. That's really helpful.. thank you – 谢谢 !


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