Create office window logo mockup in Adobe Photoshop

Hi, everybody. In today’s tutorial, we are going to create an office wall logo mockup in Adobe Photoshop
We are going to build it from scratch, but it requires some free assets, that you can download following this link:
Pack of free photoshop gradients:

Office photo:

A modern city photo:

Perspective background:

Free logo mock-up would be available 22.09.2017

Layer style effects:

Style : Inner bevel
Size: 4px;
Soften: 2px
Angle: 120deg
Altitude: 30deg
Gloss contour: Rolling Slope
H. mode: Soft light, 15%
S. mode: Multiply, 75%

Inner Shadow:
Blend Mode: Color Dodge
Color: #4d4d4e
Opacity: 30%
Distance: 3px
Size: 9px

Gradient overlay:
Blend mode: Hard light
Opacity: 95%;
Check Dither;
Pattern: Faucet 140

Pattern overlay:
Pattern: Office
Blend mode: Soft light
Opacity: 20%

Drop Shadow:
Blend Mode: Linear Burn
Opacity: 100%
Angle: 15deg
Distance: 11px
Spread: 10%
Contour: Cove-deep

Download letterpress mockup for free:


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